Fishing. Lazy ass pastime or a spit in the face of Mother Nature?

I had no idea there was such a thing as a "pro kayak angler." I'm pro-kayak, and I'm an angler, but I suspect this means that someone gets paid to fish in a kayak.

If this is the case, I'm gonna be looking for my back pay for all those days fishing in a kayak on the Missouri.

Be that as it may, even though these are mean geese, they aren't anywhere near as terrifying as the full-grown, mean and ornery swans that used to live near my Dad's place in Kilmarnock. They'd start attacking when you first hit the dock just getting ready to go out. I suspect someone got tired of it and ended up with a swan-based gumbo. But all of us who stayed at the house in the early-90's remember the swan attacks as visceral, defining events when we'd go out on Mill Creek to fish.