The three kinds of work

Polite work: Process rules. Heirarchy is observed and treasured. It is risk averse, and loss/failure is far more detrimental than incremental gain. This work rewards people who need a clear path to succeed.

Craft work: Craft work is result focused, and follows a mostly predetermined path. Others have blazed the trail, the craftsman refines, contemplates refinements, and moves forward. This work rewards people who need a direction and a history of people following that direction to succeed.

Not Safe for Work work: NSFW work is knowledge and creation focused. Failure is as acceptable a result as success, and sometimes more useful, because if carefully bound, can eliminate inefficient pathways to new reults. NSFW workers have no trail to follow. They may have tools, but they frequently have to invent both the tools and the methods. Politeness is less important than progress. This work rewards people bored with paths.