Getting back to the basics in Afghanistan

Classic first line:

Think tanks being what they are -- large meat lockers in which future government bureaucrats are stored until needed -- the reports they produce tend to be little more than exercises in reputation management.


Founder of Elekra records (started with $300 in bar mitzvah money), now 79, sees a bright future for the music industry

"Jac Holzman, the man who discovered The Doors, founded Elektra Records, and nudged the big recording companies into adopting the compact disc, considers the Web and says: 'I think the music industry has a bright future.'"

This article takes a quick look back at Holzman's career and opinions on the music business. It's an interesting read, and quite the contrast to other music industry professionals. Most interesting were not his good decisions, but the bad ones: he didn't anticipate the rise in CD-burners and felt that putting Napster out of business was a bad move.


It is critical to have secure backups (that you can control) of all your data stored on hosted servers

Last month the federal government took unprecedented efforts to shut down selected hosts on intellectual property infringement and national security grounds. One such action took a blogging site offline, leaving 73,000 bloggers without access to years of accumulated data. If they haven't backed up their work, they aren't going to see it for a while:


Why Jonathan Coulton Is The Future Of Music

Very interesting, concise article on one (probably very good) version of how to make it in the music business these days. Basically, it's an open-source business plan that focuses on the key open-source variables:

-Clearly identifying your niche;
-Viral/guerilla marketing;
-Building a community that supports your work because they like it;
-Iterate often;
-Meet your audience, and
-Be nice.


My current Linux flavor: Ubuntu Server 9.10

I started with Red Hat, moved to Fedora Core (3,4,5,8); used CentOS, FreeBSD (both on my Mac and as a server install); Debian Feisty something, now have servers running Ubuntu Server 9.10 Karmic something. So far so good. I've installed both the 32-bit and 64-bit version and it's working pretty well.

-Getting started. Had some funky issues with the full install iso. Worked great with the minimal install CD/disk image.