Winter food

What is it about winter that forces very strong desires for specific kinds of food?

There's something about snow on the ground, a bitter bite in the air, darkness, the smell of woodsmoke and wet bark that makes me crave food from my childhood. And not necessarily food that I LIKED in my childhood. (What's that about?)

-Akavit (just found a do-it-yourself recipe that I'm going to try)
-Manhattan w/ a splash of Roses Lime and Cointreau
-Scotch/rocks/water, preferably an Islay variety
-Pickeled herring on Wasa Hearty Rye
-White cheese and butter on Wasa Hearty Rye
-Smoked, dried herring
-Paté on toasted baguette rounds
-Caviar on melba rounds
-Smoked eel
-Smoked salmon, lox or gravlox, with fresh dill on butter and Wasa Hearty Rye
-Black bread
-Cucumber slices, dill on butter and Wasa Hearty Rye

I guess winter brings out the inner norseman. Time to sand the boat and get ready for voyaging on the spring thaw!