Speaking of journalism...the NY Times is doing a lot right

I LOVE this new feature: http://www.nytimes.com/timeswire/index.html

It works great, provides great content, and I suspect I'll be using this as my NYTimes interface from here on out.

Just as an aside, I think the Times approach of subtly introducting new features is the right way to do things: it provides a good soft-launch to assist in debugging, and if it doesn't work, they can just as quietly retract the feature and work on it until it they can make it work well.

My only complaint is how difficult it is to figure out how to return to a multimedia feature once you've seen it (or, email the feature link to someone). But this is a minor gripe. In general, I really admire the NY Times website. I think that out of all the other news sites out there (including overseas services) they tend to get it right.