New song: Come back baby

I found myself trying to play the John Hammond version of this song today, but not quite succeeding. (I can't figure out which album of his it's on...I can't find it online....we had a bunch of CDs stolen from Sarah's car this spring...three of my best John Hammond CDs were part of the take...along on with a couple Tom Waits albums. Sigh. I suspect that whoever ransacked the car has no idea what they took. Postscript: I think it's an album that
Duke Robillard produced and Marty Ballou played bass on...the bass has that Marty feel to it.....).

John Hammond's version of this song is an upbeat, slidey thing...kind of a lizard in mud feel. Nothing you'd notice at the first playing, but its a version that insinuates itself into your bones after 2-3 listenings.

So I google for the lyrics, and find...a Ray Charles version. Which is nothing like John Hammond's version. It looks like it might have originated with Lightning Hopkins, but who knows? So I go onto iTunes, and find hundreds of "Come Back Baby", a few of them related, none seemingly related to the John Hammond version.

About halfway down the list I hear a song of the same name by Mance Lipscomb, a Texas blues singer that died in 1976. Never heard of him, but want to learn more...he produced a lot of music, most of which has "the stuff."

It's interesting (to me at least) how I can hear literally dozens of versions of various songs, and then latch onto a singer or performer that defines the song. Same words, similar melody and rhythm...but there's something that distinguishes the voice, the delivery that makes it the definitive version.

What is it?

So I come to find out that there's a guy who's tracked down a lot of diffferent versions of this song here:

I love the internet.